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Your time for freedom & serenity

Your time for freedom & serenity

The ocean is a healer and a liberator. The open seas offer an unparalleled sense of freedom. Everyday cares evaporate in the sunlight and, for once, you can feel as though your time is truly your own.

With Yomira, the superyacht life centres on serenity. Days of sailing under an expanse of canvas, swimming and sunbathing, admiring the endless horizon, revelling in the sound of silence and the sublime simplicity of a blue sky. Whether you’re making your first forays into the yachting world and learning to sail, or are a seasoned aficionado looking for the ultimate performance vessel, Yomira can offer you the perfect boat for your needs. It might be a grand Perini Navi or a performance cruiser à la Ed Dubois; a catamaran for a South Pacific island adventure or traditional Turkish motorsailer for a fun family jaunt. It might even be a legendary name from the pantheon of all-time superyacht greats.

Speak to us and we’ll source the best possible craft for you, your family and your intended destination, as well as enriching your itinerary with tailor-made activities and experiences. From getting you involved with reef-conservation projects in the Bahamas and diving expeditions in Indonesia, to securing VIP access to the America’s Cup and arranging luxury villa accommodation for Antigua Race Week, Yomira has the know how and connections to craft an inspiring and unforgettable superyacht experience.

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The azure waters of the Caribbean provide the ideal setting to unwind and tap into natural tranquillity. Cruising and cocktails; snorkelling clear seas, sunbathing on sugar-white sands, and the endless riches of the islands to explore…

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.

Jacques Cousteau