Yomira – Supporting Ocean Conservation

Yomira is proud to support some outstanding organisations committed to preserving marine eco systems and helping to reduce the environmental impact of yachting.

The beauty of the world’s oceans is at the core of the exceptional industry we work in but we also acknowledge that yachting has an impact on the ocean and the communities that rely on it.

Protecting and restoring biodiversity to stop climate change was finally given formal recognition at COP28, the UN Climate Change Conference last December. Yomira is committed to being ‘Ocean Positive’ by actively supporting initiatives that help to restore blue carbon ecosystems through the replanting and restoration of our precious marine environments. We also partner with some excellent organisations established to counter-balance the carbon footprint from yacht charters.

An excellent organisation that supports communities and scientists who protect and regenerate blue carbon coastal ecosystems in oceans across the world. SeaTrees work includes planting mangrove trees, coral reefs, seagrass meadows, restoring kelp forests, and conserving coastal watersheds. 


With half of the world’s reefs endangered by increased warming and acidification of our oceans, Coral Gardeners grow and plant resilient coral to revive fragile reef ecosystems in French Polynesia.

Deserted Island paradise in french polynesia

Dedicated to educating Bahamians and visitors about preserving coral reefs.  BREEF has a multi-pronged approach to protecting the marine environment from providing on-the-ground instruction to advocating for strong international policy.

Established a few years ago to help counter-balance the greenhouse gas impact of yachting.  They are involved with a number of interesting projects around the world with a focus on ocean conservation and other marine based initiatives.