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Charter a superyacht with your family and friends

Your time for family & friends

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Your time for family & friends

Free from the bustle and stress of the everyday ratrace, life at sea can offer you an unparalleled opportunity to focus on the most important things – quality time spent with family and loved ones. In a world that often pulls us in numerous directions at once, that chance to ditch distractions and focus on the people who matter to us is extremely precious.

Yomira’s superyacht charters are tailor-made to the needs and interests of you and your family. You might be looking to gather the clan together for a special celebration on your yacht, or simply seeking a chance to get away with the children and have some fun in peace and privacy – whatever you have in mind, wherever you’d like to go, and however big your party, Yomira can craft and coordinate the perfect itinerary.

Take windsurfing lessons from an expert instructor; venture below the waves on a family scuba expedition; picnic on the golden sands of deserted coves. Hone your culinary skills with a cookery class from your internationally acclaimed chef onboard, or taste your way through some of the world’s most extraordinary vintages with a personal sommelier. We can arrange for leading naturalists to come aboard and introduce the children to marine biology; personal visits from talented therapists to deliver massages and spa treatments, aboard or onshore.

And if there’s a milestone birthday, an anniversary to mark, a retirement or something else worth celebrating on the cards, Yomira can take care of the party planning, live entertainment from A-list performers and more, ensuring an event to remember for decades to come.

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Friends and family by your side, Croatia is hard to surpass for a superyacht charter experience, blessed with sparkling waters, succulent seafood, historic towns, ancient ports, lashings of sunshine and staggeringly dramatic scenery.

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