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Discover the Majesty of a Superyacht Charter in Scotland

From the bustling cultural vibrance of Glasgow to the wild and wind-swept isles of the Hebrides, a luxury superyacht charter in Scotland is a spectacular experience. Scotland is a land steeped in history and raw beauty, where you will glide past rugged coastlines, explore secluded isles, and immerse yourself in Scottish culture.

With Yomira, your Scottish journey is crafted to perfection, allowing you to explore ancient castles, sample famed whiskies, and play golf on world-renowned links, all while enveloped in the comfort of your private floating retreat.

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The Best Time for a Scottish Superyacht Charter

Embrace the splendour of Scotland from April to June, where bursts of colour populate the countryside, perfect for onshore excursions amidst blooming heather and mild weather. Summer months offer extended daylight hours, where you can explore vibrant cultural festivals and bustling marinas. Early autumn (September to October) presents a stunning palette of changing colours and is often considered the best time to witness wildlife in its natural habitat, coupled with fewer tourists.

Scottish adventures for…

Family & Friends

Culture & Gastronomy

Learning & Conservation

Exploration & Adventure

Recreation & Restoration

The famous Scottish hospitality welcomes you with open arms, and what better way to experience it together than with a private luxury superyacht as your base? With activities suitable for all ages, from exploring lush botanical gardens to discovering hidden gems along the River Clyde, your time in Scotland will be filled with shared moments of joy and discovery, perfect for family bonding or reuniting with friends.

Scotland is a treasure trove of culinary and historical delights. From the renowned distilleries like Talisker, offering a taste of Scotland’s finest whiskies, to iconic seafood restaurants such as Ee-usk in Oban, each meal is an opportunity to indulge in local flavours against the backdrop of Scotland’s dramatic landscapes. Revel in the unique cultural experiences at every port, exploring ancient cathedrals and vibrant public squares that echo the tales of Scotland’s storied past.

Scotland’s natural and historical sites offer a profound educational journey, perfect for those eager to be immersed in the region’s heritage and environmental efforts. Visit the iconic castles and gardens, learn about traditional Scottish shipbuilding, or participate in conservation projects that highlight Scotlant’s commitment to preserving its natural beauty. Each experience is an insight into the careful balance between maintaining cultural legacy and environmental stewardship.

Scotland’s rugged landscapes and historic waterways invite you to an adventure like no other. From the adventurous spirits venturing to climb the trails leading to Glasgow’s panoramic viewpoints to those kayaking the serene waters around the Scottish Isles, every day is filled with new challenges and exhilarating experiences. Explore remote bays and quaint coastal villages, each offering a unique adventure.

Cruise Scotland’s expansive lochs and majestic fjords at your own pace, revelling in the freedom to explore serene, secluded anchorages and the vast, open landscapes that encapsulate this country’s natural beauty. Whether seeking solitude among the heather-covered hills or a tranquil moment in a hidden cove, your bespoke Scottish superyacht charter offers an ideal escape from the hustle of daily life. Practice yoga on a secluded deck overlooking the Hebrides, enjoy golfing on prestigious courses, or take peaceful strolls through ancient forests. Each evening, unwind on your private yacht, absorbing the therapeutic views of the sunset over the Scottish isles, which perfectly round off days spent immersed in Scotland’s rejuvenating natural environment.

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Imagine Your Scottish Superyacht Charter

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A superb option for far-flung itinerary lovers, including Northern Europe, the Arctic, Japan, and South-East Asia, PURPOSE has undergone extensive upgrades.  Offering 6 staterooms, huge sundeck with 16ft outdoor cinema screen and great toy selection.


Pedigree Feadship that has benefitted from upgrades in 2024. Smart styling with 6 staterooms, spa and new swimming pool on deck, complemented with a huge water toy inventory.

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Motor Yacht of the Year 2016 at the World Superyacht Awards, cutting edge design from Feadship and their first hybrid featuring electric diesel engines – both eco-friendly and quiet. There is a stunning 9 metre on deck pool, DJ station and ‘Nemo Lounge’ – sit and watch the sea life with half submerged window.